List of things about these folks that they have done work wise. You can include their hobbies, pets, books they read, sports such as golfing or fishing. Hunting or gardening. Years they have been married.

Names of family members.Where they have lived maybe and the list goes on all specific to this couple and the years they have spent together making memories.


Send us a pic of the person, years they have been with the company. Maybe a picture of their office setting along with the type of work they did for the company.

Include their job duties, hobbies, sports and other interests or things specific to their person. What type of books might be on their desk, were they a coffee drinker, on the phone alot, favorite sayings or habits…….


If you have someone transferring job positions or being promoted, get them a personalized picture. Years in the old position, what their job title was and the work they did (or didn’t do).

Howabout a picture of their work location or office. Some of their hobbies, interests away from the office. Especially nice to get them a gift if you are glad they are leaving your office…hmmm.